Supermax Air Filtration Unit

Exceptional Value in an Ambient Air Cleaner.

Supermax Air Filtration Unit

Supermax Air Filtration Unit

Your dust collector takes care of removing the coarser dust at source, as it's produced by your machinery and power tools. However, very fine dust can still linger in the air - especially dust produced by hand sanding and power tools not connected to dust extracors. 

The SuperMax Air Filtration Unit takes care of this fine dust for you - keeping it out of your lings.

The unit measures 12" x 24" x 28" and weighs 60 pounds. It features a 1/5 HP (4.9 amp) motor that delivers three operating speeds of 540, 730 or 1,200 cubic feet per minute of airflow. There is an inner filter that traps dust particles larger than 1 micron and an outer 5-micron washable electrostatic filter. A dial indicator on the housing gives you a visual reference for when the filter needs to be cleaned.

At its highest speed setting, the unit will recycle the air in a 20 x 20 foot room with an 8 foot ceiling 22 times each hour. You can adjust run time from 30 minutes to 4 hours with the built-in timer. A battery operated remote control enables you to turn the unit on or off, adjust blower speed, or set the timer’s programming remotely.

Included are four eyebolts and flange nuts for ceiling mounting, as well as rubber feet for benchtop or shelf placement.

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