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Making your own knife is easier than you think.

Knife Kits and Blades

William Wood Wright Launches a New Line of Knife Kits and Blades

Have you ever been intrigued by the idea of making your own knife? At William Wood-Write, we can help you with that - whether you’re an experienced knifemaker or just thinking about giving a new hobby a try. We’ve launched a new line of knife kits and blades, scales and blocks and the tooling and accessories you’ll need for your projects.
We offer a range of blades, from culinary knives and slicers to small folding knifes ideal for carrying in your pocket and blades perfect for camping or other outdoor activities. 
Let your creativity shine when it comes to making your knife handle! We have handle blocks and scales in exotic and stabilized woods as well as acrylic, poly resin and other synthetic materials that will help give your finished project a unique look. And don’t forget about customizing your knife with different pins or rivets.  
The easiest knife project to start with is one of our folding knife kits that comes with pre-shaped handles and screws - all you need to do is put it together. For a more intermediate level project, we recommend a knife kit that includes the blade, handle material and pins you’ll need. And if you’re ready to take the deep dive, pick a blade with a metal guard, bolster or pommel that you can shape along with the handle, and customize your pins or rivets for a truly one-of-a-kind knife. 
Find it all at penblanks.ca

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