Woodturning Tool Set with Carbide Cutters and Interchangeable Handle | Canadian Woodworking & Home Improvement

With replaceable carbide cutters you keep turning insead of sharpening.

Woodturning Tool Set

Woodturning Tool Set with Carbide Cutters and Interchangeable Handle

These turning tools are ready to use out of the box. Their razor-sharp edges sharp for a long time and require no sharpening, unlike traditional turning tools. If one side of a carbide cutter wears out, depending on the cutter shape, the tip can be rotated to a new fresh sharp area.

This 4 cutter set (#
8081010) comes with an 11-1/2" aluminum alloy interchangeable handle, an 11" handle extension, wrench and 4 cutters:

Detailer with Diamond Tip
Finisher with Round Tip
Rougher with Square Tip
Rougher with Radiused Square Tip

A wooden storage box is also included.

For more details visit sheartak.com.


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