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A convenient and practical accessory that extends the utility of your measuring tape


Square N Tape

I've always been a fan of combination tools - tools that perform multiple tasks. I find them more convenient than single purpose tools, and it means fewer tools crowding my tool belt or tool bag.
The Square N Tape isn't actually a combo tool, but it does add the functionality of a small try square to your measuring tape. With the Square N Tape attached to a measuring tape you can quickly mark lay-out lines on dimensional lumber. It's particularly suited for use on 2 by 4 stock, but you can use it wherever you need to lay out a short line - up to 3-1/2" long.
The Square N Tape is manufactured from high impact ABS plastic and is virtually indestructible.

PSA disc attaches measuring tape to the Square N Tape
A lip registers the Square N Tape against the edge of a board
On the inside of the Square N Tape is a 1-3/4" PSA disc that attaches to the measuring tape   - simply remove the backing and press the Square N Tape to the measuring tape. Just about any 16" or 25" tape should fit.
A lip on the bottom of the Square N Tape registers it tightly up against the edge of a board.

The business side of the Square N Tape 
The long square edge on the Square N Tape enables you to draw 90° lines. There are two notches so that you can quickly locate, and lay-out, 1-1/2" and 3-1/2" lines from the edge of a board. There is also an indentation for marking a line 1-1/2" from the long side of the Square N Tape, and indentations for marking 45° and 22.5° angles. This makes the Square N Tape very handy for laying out studding.
In the center is a 1-3/4" white 'note pad', which is convenient for jotting down more than a few measurements. Make sure you only use a pencil on the note pad. An eraser or wet finger quickly cleans the surface.
One of the major problems, as you can see from the photo above, is that the markings on the Square N Tape are the same colour as the body of the accessory - making them difficult to read in all but optimal lighting. As well, the indentations are much too shallow. If the pencil you're using is dull it's almost impossible to fit the lead into the indentation. And don't bother using your carpenters pencil with this accessory.

Quickly draw 90° lines
Scribe lines 3-1/2" from the edge of a board
Handy note page (use pencil only) 
 Convenient and practical
The Square N Tape won't replace a speed square nor a try square and bevel, but it's definitely a convenient and practical accessory, particularly for renovators and avid DIYers.



  • Attaches to most 16' and 25' tapes
  • 90° squaring ability
  • Notch at 3-1/2"
  • Marks at 1-1/2", 45° and 22-1/2°
  • 3" base
  • Erasable note pad
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Carl Duguay, February 2012
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