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Stanely Lasers Ideal for a Range of DIY and Home Improvement Projects

NEW YORK CITY, NY – August 21, 2013 – Stanley announced today the introduction of a new line of Stanley  laser products – models STHT77340, STHT77341 and STHT77342 - for use in DIY and professional applications. Stanley  has simplified the use of lasers for non-commercial users. Vice President of Innovation Christopher Woolley explained, “Lasers were a category that was often too complicated and too expensive. We’ve designed three new lasers  that we know will help homeowners tackle a host of home improvement projects. Hanging pictures or installing a new backsplash, with a tool that is user-friendly, helps users feel more confident.” Each of the new lasers include the new QuickLink  bracket for convenient clamping onto multiple surfaces.
The Stanley  Cubix  - model STHT77340 – is a cross line laser, ideal for DIY and light residential construction. Cross line lasers are used for a variety of jobs, from leveling chair rails to hanging cabinets. The Cubix  laser has a simple to use switch with only 3 settings; off, manual, and auto-leveling. By projecting bright horizontal and vertical lines onto flat surfaces, users can easily level what they are installing. In the auto-leveling mode the Cubix  cross line laser will automatically level using an internal pendulum. If the angle of the tool exceeds 5 degrees from level, the laser will shut off and an indicator will light up signaling it has exceeded the 5 degrees in which it is able to self level. The Cubix  has up to a 40 foot range with an accuracy of +/- 5/16 inch. The Cubix  cross line laser will retail for approximately $69.99 and will be available in October 2013 in home centers and in the independent channel.
The Stanley Cross90  - model STHT77341 – is a cross line laser. The Cross90 cross line laser builds upon the convenience of the Cubix laser by projecting an additional vertical line, 90 degrees from the cross line. This 90 degree line is ideal for tile or flooring installation and partition walls can be laid out with ease. The Cross90 laser has up to a 50 foot range and with an accuracy of +/- 3/16 inch. It features the same simplified 3 position control as the Cubix  laser. The Cross90 cross line laser will be available in October 2013 and will retail for approximately $129.99. It will be available in home centers and in the independent channel. 

For more advanced applications, Stanley  has developed the SPL3 – model STHT77342. The Stanley  SPL3 is a 3 beam spot laser, projecting beams up, down, and horizontal. The SPL3 emits 3 bright, self leveling beams to give accurate plumb and horizontal point transfer. A raised down beam allows for spot visibility when the laser is placed on the ground and alignment for wall track layout. The SPL3 spot laser provides users with a range of 100 feet and accuracy of +/- 1/8 inch. The SPL3 spot laser will be available in October 2013 and will retail for approximately $99.99. It will be available in home centers and in the independent channel. 
The Cubix, Cross90, and SPL3 lasers are each sold with the QuickLink bracket and mounting system. The QuickLink is a versatile bracket that links into multiple slots on the product. The adjustable arm allows users the versatility to point the lasers in any direction. The clamp was designed to grip on to multiple surface types including both square and round.
All three lasers each feature a locking pendulum when the product is in the off position to help protect the internal components while being transported. On the Cubix and Cross90 lasers the user has the added benefit of locking the pendulum with the laser still on. This additional setting gives the user the ability to set angled lines at a preferred pitch.