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An inexpensive, practical, and precise layout tool  


Stanley 7" Dual Color Square

Regardless what you call them — speed square, layout square, angle square, or rafter angle square — these inexpensive layout tools are indispensible when building or renovating, and otherwise handy to have around the shop. This Stanley 7" Dual Color Square (STHT46010) has a couple of nice features that make it a great buy for just under $8.

The speed square is a fairly simple tool, essentially an isosceles triangle where one of the legs serves as the base, the other leg has an inch scale printed on it in 1/8" increments (up to 6-7/8" on the STHT46010) and the long edge has a degree scale printed on it — each mark representing 1 degree, from 1 to 90°. There is also a rectangular 'window' just above the long edge, with two scales from 1 to 30° — the top scale is used to layout hip and valley rafter angles, and the bottom scale is used to lay out Common and Jack rafter angles. other.
If you're not a carpenter, a speed square is still a great tool to have around the shop. You can use it as a try square to quickly and accurately mark out square lines along the edge of a board or to confirm 90° angles; as a miter square to draw a precise 45° angle; as a protractor for laying out angles up to 90°; and, as a saw guide for cutting 90° and 45° angles with a circular saw.

Molded-in scales for easy readability       
First off, the body is made of 1/4" thick high impact ABS plastic, which makes the square very durable and dimensionally stable. The black colored scale and registration lines are molded into the plastic, so they won't fade or wear off over time. I find the black text and registration lines on a vibrant yellow background very easy to read.

Registration lines wrap around edges for increased accuracy          
Another nice features is that the registration lines wrap around the edges, which makes it easier, and more accurate to lay out cut lines.

Wide base provides strong grip    
The 1" wide base has a 3/8" lip (on both sides) that allows you to quickly and accurately hold the STHT46010 against a board’s edge. I found that on rough stock it was easy to hold the square firmly in place, but on smooth stock the equally smooth plastic surface of the square had a tendency to slip — requiring more hand pressure to keep it in place.
Because the edges of the STHT46010 are precisely machined you can be assured of perfect 90° and 45° angles. You can easily confirm this by marking a 90° line along the face of a board, and then flipping the square over and marking another line right next to the first line. If the two lines are parallel, the square is accurate; if the lines diverge or converge, the square is out of alignment.

Quick and easy to confirm square surfaces

Easy to mark angles (25° angle shown)           
I find the speed square handy for checking square when assembling cabinets. And while you can use a protractor or sliding-bevel square when marking out angles, its just as fast, and practically as accurate to use a speed square. Lining up the degree graduations stamped along the long edge is fairly easy, though it does take a bit of practice.
There is also a 12" model (STHT46011) that sells for a paltry $11.99. You'll find the 12" model safer, and better, for use as a saw guide.
The Stanley 7" Dual Color Square (STHT46010), an inexpensive, practical, and precise layout tool.


  • 7" length
  • 1/4" thick ABS plastic construction
  • Molded-in black registration lines
  • 1" wide base
  • Limited lifetime warranty
COMPANY:Stanley Tools
SOURCE:Woodworking and hardware stores nationwide
Carl Duguay, November 2012
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