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Stanley Anti-Vibe Hammers

Stanley Anti-Vibe Hammers Constructed with a Two-Piece Steel Core Designed to Reduce Vibrations
MISSISSAUGA, ON – May 21, 2014 - Stanley introduced today two new FatMax Anti-Vibe hammers – models FMHT51249 and FMHT51244 – representing the newest generation of Anti-Vibe technology.

Vice President of Innovation Christopher Woolley said, “This new iteration of Anti-Vibe technology has built upon a decade of engineering. In my opinion, these new hammers are our best yet. They are incredibly comfortable and when compared side to side with other hammers, the difference is dramatic.” Available in 14 ounce and 17 ounce models, each hammer is constructed of a two-piece steel core to isolate vibration* to the hammer head.
Each piece of these hammers was designed to reduce the vibrations* transferred to the user. Additionally, the two-piece design isolates more shock waves to the hammer’s head than a one piece design. The steel core is wrapped in layers of multiple dampening materials, and a hock absorbing collar between the head and the handle further isolates vibrations to the head. Both hammers feature black exposed steel under the head, which provides over-strike protection, to help prevent damage to the hammer body if the handle accidentally strikes a surface.
The 17 ounce framer features a checkered face design to reduce slipping off nails when striking compared to a smooth face hammer. It also features a magnetic nail starter for when only one arm may be available, such as use on a ladder. The 14 ounce nailer will have a smooth face and will not have magnetic nail starter.
Both hammers are now available at mass retailers, home centers, and in the independent channel.
Model FMHT51249 Stanley FatMax 14oz. Nailer will sell for approximately $39.99
Model FMHT51244 Stanley FatMax 17oz. Framer will sell for approximately $44.99