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STANLEY Manual Tile Cutters Are Designed To Score and Cut Tiles Quickly and Precisely

Score and cut wall and floor tiles in a few easy steps
Mississauga, ON. (February 15, 2014) – STANLEY’s new manual tile cutters are designed to make straight cuts on tile whether you’re installing a new floor or a tile backsplash. Cut tiles down to size to fit borders and edges or cut them diagonally to add a creative touch to your design.
STANLEY tile cutters are available in 16-inch and 24-inch length models and each comes in a foldable case that also doubles as a tile cutting base with extra storage for spare cutters. Their ergonomic handles help make tile cutting comfortable. The key feature of the STANLEY tile cutters is its tough pencil-style tungsten carbide cutting wheel.
STANLEY manual tile cutters are ideal for use by professionals and DIYers. For first-timers, here are a few simple hints that will help ensure straight cuts:
Purchase the tile cutter that is wider than your tiles so measure the tile from side to side or on the diagonal before buying. 
Use a pencil to mark the cut mark on both sides of the tile and position the lever on the cutter so that the blade side is closest to you. 
Place the tile glaze-side up on the cutter making sure that the pencil marks are direct over the guide line. 
To score the tile, move the handle so that the wheel is on the pencil mark, push the handle down and drag the wheel across the tile keeping the pressure even. Score the tile only once.
Next, push down the handle putting pressure on both side of the score line and snap it in two.
If the cut edge of the tile will be visible, use a sharpening stone along the edge to smooth it out.

STANLEY 16-inch (model STHT71908) and 24-inch (model STHT71909) tile cutters are available at suggested retail prices of $79.99 and $99.99, respectively, at home improvement centres across Canada.  Replacement tungsten carbide cutting wheels (model STHT72407) are priced at $8.99.