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STANLEY Simulated Diamond Grip Family Of Tools

STANLEY Diamond Grip Tools

Provide Better Grip, Control And Ergonomic Comfort
Mississauga, Ontario (2018) – STANLEY Simulated Diamond Grip products have been designed for pros and DIYers who want hand tools they can count on. Simulated Diamond Grip tools are made using a combination of high quality materials to provide a sure grip and long-lasting performance. Industrial grade simulated diamond composite material helps reduce tool slippage and increases the life of the tool tips. The black phosphate coating adds non-corrosive protection while the ergonomic design and bi-material grips ensure comfort and easy maneuverability.
3-piece STANLEY Simulated Diamond Grip Pliers Set (FMHT80762)
The 3-piece Simulated Diamond Grip Pliers Set includes 8-inch Simulated Diamond Long Nose Pliers, Slip Joint Pliers and Linesman Pliers. With their industrial grade simulated diamond coated jaws, the pliers provide 40% more grip* and bite when pulling or gripping flat or irregularly-shaped objects. Bi-material, ergonomic grips enhance comfort and control.
6-piece STANLEY Simulated Diamond Grip Screwdriver Set (FMHT62062)
The 6-piece Simulated Diamond Grip Screwdriver Set features colour-coded handles for easy identification. Tough simulated diamond magnetic tips offer secure grip in fasteners, which greatly assist removal of rusted, stripped or frozen fasteners. Ergonomic, quad lobe, bi-material grips ensure maximum tip torque and handling comfort.  
22-piece STANLEY Simulated Diamond FatMax Hex Key Set (FMHT80763)
The 22-piece FatMax Simulated Diamond Hex Key Set includes 22 strong, rust-resistant steel hex keys in a range of popular SAE and Metric sizes. Each key features industrial-grade, simulated diamond coated tips to provide up to 40%better grip* on fasteners plus a ball end that's ideal for turning hard-to-reach fasteners on an angle. The set comes with two labeled holders to make it easy to find the exact size needed for the job. 
STANLEY FatMax Simulated Diamond Hex Key Sets (FMHT80764 and FMHT80765)
The FatMax Simulated Diamond Hex Key Sets are available in a choice of SAE or Metric sizes. The hex keys lock into 3 positions to make it easier to maneuver into tight spaces. They are rust-resistant and made from industrial-grade carbide composite material that prevents cam-out.
STANLEY Simulated Diamond Grip Pliers, Screwdriver and Hex Key Sets are available at Canadian Tire stores across Canada and independent construction stores.  For more information, please visit


*On average; against steel surfaces; per ASTM G133 vs. an uncoated steel plate.
Thursday, May 24, 2018