Student Hand Work - Budding Canadian Woodworkers

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Student Work 2015

Student Hand Work - Budding Canadian Woodworkers

Canadian Woodworking & Home Improvement Magazine is putting together a gallery-style article for our print magazine, as well as a digital slideshow, which will feature woodworking projects from Canadian high school students. The article and slideshow will be appearing in the 2015 fall issue of our magazine.  

If you're a Canadian high school student we'd love to see photos of your work. You don't have to be in a formal woodworking class or shop program - all students are welcome to participate.

All entries must be submitted by July 15th, 2015.
Our editor will select the pieces to appear in the print magazine, while the rest will appear in a video slideshow, which will be posted on our website and our Facebook site.

We require TWO high quality images of each piece you would like us to consider - you can submit as many pieces as you wish.

Your entry must also include the following, along with your signature and a parent's signature if you are unde 18 years of age.

You can email your submission to our editor, Rob Brown or fax it to 519-449-2445

Information to Include:
Student Name:
School Name:
Type/Name of Piece:
Filename of Photo(s):
Wood Species:
Photographer (if not yourself):
Other Misc. Details:
Student Signature:
Parent Signature (if under 18 years of age):