Sync Noise Blocking Stereo Earmuffs

Good noise reduction rating on comfortable to wear earmuffs


Sync Noise Blocking Stereo Earmuffs

Hearing protection is critical when working with machinery or power tools in a shop, on a job site, or around the home.
There are two general categories of hearing protectors - ear plugs that are inserted into the ear canal, and earmuffs that cover the whole ear. Earmuffs also come in a stereo format that have an integrated turner so you can listen to your favourite radio station; some also have an audio jack that enable you to connect a personal listening device (like an MP3 player) to the earmuffs.
The new Sync Noise Blocking Stereo Earmuffs (1030110) from Howard Leight is essentially a dual product - an earmuff that provides protection against harmful noise, and speaker headphones that provide high-fidelity stereo sound (from your personal MP3 player, smart phone, or other personal listening device).
The Sync is everything you'd want in a good earmuff - light, comfortable to wear for extended periods of time, easy to adjust for any head size, and effective. The acoustically optimized ear cup provides a noise reduction rating (NRR) value of 25, which is good for low to medium noise levels. The Sync does a great job of noise suppression - turning the whine of planers and jointers to dull humming. At about 9 ounces (255 grams) these hearing protectors are very light - I've had them on for a couple of hours straight with no bother.

Quickly adjustable headband
Nicely padded ear cushions
A fully adjustable steel wire head band enables you to configure the ear muffs for a perfect fit, regardless of head size. The vinyl foam ear cushions provide an excellent seal over the ears, and are very comfortable to wear. As with most hearing protectors, you can easily replace the pads should they get damaged.

Ear cushions can be easily replaced
Connect to your favourite music device
Lots of people like to listen to music while working. An output jack on the Sync enables you to connect to an MP3 player or smartphone via the supplied 42" audio cable. The Sync has a built-in volume management feature that limits the volume of your audio device to 82 decibels. Loud enough to enjoy the music, yet not overly loud that you'll damage your hearing. And, the Sync doesn't require any batteries, as everything is controlled from your audio device - the Sync just makes sure you don't blast out your ear drums. The sound is quite impressive, due, according to Howard Leight to a "technologically advanced acoustical bass chamber that enhances bass sounds for full, rich sound quality." Whatever the reason, you really have to try these earmuffs to appreciate the sound quality.

Snug, close fitting around the ear 
Light and comfortable for all day use
Ear protection is considerably less expensive than the cost of hearing loss. And, you can dramatically reduce the chances of hearing loss by taking simple, affordable precautions. The Howard Leight Sync earmuffs offer a very cost effective solution.



  • Noise Reduction Rating of 25
  • Manages output volume to 82 decibels
  • Output jack to connect MP3 player, smart phone, or other personal listening device
  • 42" audio cable
  • Adjustable head band
  • Replaceable foam ear cushions
  • 9 ounce (255 gram) weight
  • 30 day warranty

AVAILABLE FROM:Tool, equipment or safety equipment suppliers nationwide
MODEL #:1030110

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