T3 Werkjacket Review

4-way stretch fabric, light weight, and high abrasion resistance make this the uber jacket for job site or casual wear.

T3 Werkjacket

T3 Werkjacket

MODEL:T3 Werkjacket
PRICE:$139.00 US
Sizes:Small, medium, large, X large, XXlarge
Material:50% Nylon, 40% Polyester, 10% Spandex
Pockets:2 internal
4 external
1 sleeve knife/pen pocket
Features:Water resistant
Cuff gaskets
Double stitch
Extended shirt tail
Made In:
Warranty:1 year limited, 90 day return

For spring and fall seasons, a light weight jacket is what you need for those cool early mornings and evenings. The Truewerk T3 Werkjacket​, available in five sizes – and the ever popular colour 'black' – is a super light weight, water repellent and high abrasion resistant jacket well suited for the rigours of the work place, yet stylish enough for casual wear. It's made from nylon and polyester, with spandex added, which enables the fabric to stretch both lengthwise and crosswise. The nylon adds strength and softness, while the polyester adds shrink, water, and abrasion resistance. One of the main features of polyester is that it doesn't breathe, which makes it good at retaining body heat. A brushed bonded lining helps to retain body heat without adding a lot of bulk.

Almost all the seams are double stitched, which adds to the overall durability of the jacket. 

Cuff gaskets mean you don't get cold air whisking up the jacket sleeve, and the extended shirt tail covers the lower back – great if you do much work that has you stooping or bending down.

You get six good size pockets with the T3 plus a dual knife/pen pocket on left shoulder sleeve. 

The fit is 'snug'. If you like layering your clothing, then you'll probably want to order one size larger. I can wear a flannel shirt under the T3, but not a hoodie or thick sweater.

Out here on the Wet West Coast of Vancouver Island winters are pretty mild. I've been wearing the T3 all winter, in temperatures as low as -5°C in perfect comfort. In temperature above about 15°C I do find the jacket too warm to wear. Over the 8 months that I've worn this jacket it's held up beautifully, and looks as good as the first day. It cleans up very well, doesn't wrinkle at all, and all the seams have held tight. The zippers run smoothly, and there aren't any holes in the pockets – and considering all the crap I stuff in them it's a testament to the jacket's durability.

So, if you're looking for a super light weight, but impressively warm jacket, then take a good look at the T3 Werkjacket.

Double stitched for durability.

Cuff gaskets keep cold air out.

The extended shirt tail provides better coverage for your lower back.

4-way stretching keeps the jacket from crawling up your back when you extend your arms upwards.

Good size pockets all around

Zipped chest pockets secure contents but make for quick access.

All in all, a super jacket with good looks.

Carl Duguay
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