TASK 6" Signature Wood Boring Bit Set

Quick cutting and competitively priced


TASK 6" Signature Wood Boring Bit Set

Spade bits are staples in construction and renovation work because they make such quick work of drilling holes from about 3/8" to 1-1/2" through dimensional lumber and sheet stock. And, unlike hole saws, they can be quickly resharpened on the job with a metal file, they don't require a separate arbor, and, they're less expensive.
The TASK 6" Signature Wood Boring Bit Set (T11683) consists of 1/2", 3/4" and 1" spade bits with 1/4" hex shanks.

Threaded center cone and side spurs    
The bits have a sharply threaded 3/8" long center cone that acts like a screw, pulling the bit into the wood. The two top corners of the bit have large beveled spurs that scribe the hole before the cutters begin to remove waste. This scoring action helps make a cleaner entry hole.
Along the top of the blade, from the cone to the spurs, is a beveled cutting edge — the cutters. The spurs, and this cutting edge, do the bulk of the hole cutting. The sides of the bit primarily serve to scrape the sides of the hole cleaner, and move wood chips out of the hole.

Contoured paddle design   
In profile, you can see that the bit is contoured, which helps to move waste up and out of the hole. Typically spade bits are run at very high speeds, and you want the waste to exit the hole quickly to reduce heat build-up. This contoured design allows for chip removal to be reached at higher speeds than ever.
These Task Wood Boring Bits look, and perform, very similar to the Bosch Daredevil spade bits, which are probably the most popular spade bit on the market. They cut very quickly, and do an effective job of removing waste from the hole. You still get break out on the exit side, but not as severe as with standard spade bits.
For just under $11 this is pretty good value in a spade bit set. There is also a 6 bit set (T11686), for $24.99, and you can purchase individual bits from 1/4" ($3.59) to 1-1/4" ($6.19). and 16" long bits in 6 sizes from 3/8" ($12.99) to 1" ($15.99). Plus, you get Task Tools' no-quibble satisfaction guarantee.



  • 3 pieces: 1/2", 3/4", 1"
  • Cone threaded tips
  • 6" overall length
  • 1/4" hex shanks
  • Contoured paddle design with spur and reamer tips
  • Satisfaction guarantee  

SOURCE:Dealer Search

Carl Duguay, January 2013
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