Task Impact Driver Accessory Kits

A competitively priced, functional assortment of accessories that are well made and come packaged in a sturdy and practical case.


Task Impact Driver Accessory Kit

An impact driver can deliver upwards of 1,600 in-lbs of torque, enough to deform or break a standard driver bit. For this reason, you should consider using accessories specifically designed for impact tools. Of course, you can still use impact accessories with conventional drill/drivers or ratchet drivers. TASK Tools has two nicely outfitted impact driver accessory kits, a 40-piece kit (#T67680) that I recently tested, and a 30-piece kit (#T67690).

The 40-piece kit consists of 26 driver bits, 5 drill bits, 5 nut setters, 3 sockets adapters, and a 1/4" hex adapter, all with 1/4" hex shanks. The accessories come in a sturdy carry case, which makes storing, transporting, and, more importantly, accessing your accessories, very convenient. The driver bits are neatly arranged in the bottom half of the case, while the balance of the accessories are stored in a tray in the top half of the case. Unlike other cases I've tried, the contents of this case are held firmly in place, yet easy to extract.

The driver bits are specifically designed to reduce cam-out and breakage under high levels of non-reactionary torque. The bits are made from proprietary S2 steel, which is harder than the commonly used 8650 grade of steel. The S2 steel has been modified to make it less brittle, while still retaining its superior strength.
I like the way Task has colour coded the bits. This makes it easy to quickly identify the specific bit you need - Robertson #3 (black), Robertson #2 (red), and Robertson #3 (green).  All the Phillips bits share the same light gray colour band. As you'll find on all bits, the bit type and size is stamped on the bit shank - R for Robertson, and PH for Phillips head, and the numbers 0 (the smallest) to 3 (the largest). You get a good selection of 1" and 2" bits, primarily in #2s, which is the commonly used size.

006 (2)
Well formed, durable tips
The tips on these bits are precisely ground, and fit screw heads snugly. In use I found that they don't round over at the corners as quickly as standard bits. After sinking over 100 screws, the #2 Robertson shows hardly any wear.
Top to bottom: nut setters (with end view), socket adapters, drill bits

The five nut setters in this kit are also forged from proprietary S2 steel. The setters are 2-9/16" long, and have recessed corners that distribute torque across the flat edges of the nuts, which helps to reduce stripping on sharp corners. I found that they fit nut and bolt heads nice and tightly, without slipping, while the high strength integrated magnets provide superior retention power.
The S2 steel socket adapters are 2" long, and come in the three most common sizes you're likely to use in a workshop - 1/4", 3/8", and 1/2". They have spring loaded stainless steel ball bearings that securely hold sockets in place.
The set contains five common sizes of twist drill bits, from 2-3/4 to 3" in length. They have a standard 118-degree point angle, and fairly short flutes - just over 1" long. I find them good for drilling holes up to about 1-3/4" deep. I used the 1/8" bit to predrill holes in pressure treated fencing and so far the bit has held up quite well.

I quite like the 1/4" hex bit adapter in this set. For one thing, the bright red sleeve is easy to see when Ieave the adapter laying around the benchtop. It has an auto lock feature with an integrated magnet that helps pull the bit shaft into the adapter head. Once inserted, there is absolutely no wobble - the bit is held firmly in place. Pushing forward on the adapter sleeve releases the bit. Simple and sweet.
At $59.99, or about $1.50 per unit this seems to be a very competitively priced set. The 30-piece set is priced at $34.99 The accessories are well made, look like they'll give good service, and come packaged in a sturdy and practical case.
  • 40 pieces
  • Impact resistant case with non-slip coating
  • (3) Socket adapters 1/4", 3/8", 1/2"
  • (5) Magnetic Nut Setters: 1/4", 5/16", 3/8", 7/16", 1/2"
  • (5) Impact Drill Bits 1/8", 5/32", 3/16", 7/32", 1/4"
  • (1) Auto lock quick change adapter
  • (8) 1" P #1 (1), #2 (5), #3 (2)
  • (5) 2" P #1 (1), #2 (3), #3 (1)
  • (8) 1" square #1 (1), #2 (5), #3 (2)
  • (5) 2" square #1 (1), #2 (3), #3 (1)
SOURCE:Retail Locator
Carl Duguay
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