TASK Impact Driver Bit Carabiner Sets

Top quality bits made with S2 steel for durability


TASK Impact Driver Bit Carabiner Sets

If you use an impact driver, then you should be using impact ready driver bits. Standard driver bits generally aren't strong enough to withstand the high levels of torque generated by impact drivers. A typical impact driver can apply upwards of 1,600 in-lbs of torque and 3,600 impacts per minute. This puts considerable strain on driver bits, causing them to heat up, which can lead to metal fatigue.
TASK TOOLS has three new Impact Driver Bit Carabiner Sets that are specifically designed to reduce cam-out and breakage under high levels of non-reactionary torque. Each set consists of ten 2" long bits conveniently housed in a carabiner carrier. The bits are made from proprietary S2 steel, which is harder than the commonly used 8650 grade of steel. The S2 steel has been modified to make it less brittle, while still retaining it's superior strength.

Top to Bottom: T67920C, T67921C, T67919C         

Precisely machined S2 steel     
You can quickly distinguish between the three driver sets by the colour of the carabineers:

Model #Carabiner ColourDrivers Included: Style (Quantity)
T67920CBlackR0 (1), R1 (2), R2 (5), R3 (2)
T67921CGoldR1 (1), R2 (3), R3 (2), PH1 (1), PH2 (2), PH3 (1)
T67919CRedR2 (10)
The durable plastic carriers hold the bits securely — there's little likelihood of bits falling out, yet they're easy enough to extract from the carrier.

Colour coded bits for easy identification          
The bits are colour coded, which makes it easy to quickly identify the bit you need. The only inconsistency is with the Phillips bits, which all have the same light gray colour band.
As well, all the bits have identification labels stamped on their shanks - R for Robertson, and PH for Phillips head, along with the bit size, which ranges from 0 (the smallest) to 3 (the largest).

Convenient storage and carry      
These TASK Impact Driver Bit Carabiner Sets are a convenient way to store and carry the most commonly used driver bits. At only $12.99 per set, or $1.29 per bit, they're economical as well.

Durable tips   
The tips are nicely ground and fit screw heads snugly. The tip on the bit in the photo above is still pristine after sinking 100 3" deck screws in a pressure treated post (without pre-drilling). I've used inexpensive driver bits that rounded out after sinking well under a hundred screws. I would expect any top quality impact driver bit, like these Task ones, to sink, at a minimum, several hundred screws before needing to be replaced.
Because I use Robertson #2 bits 99% of the time, I personally find the T67919C set the most useful. I've has this set for the better part of four weeks, and I've still using the same driver bit. Talk about durability.



  • 2" S2 steel bodies
  • 10 bits per carabiner
  • 3 carabiner models to choose from
  • Color coded for easy bit identification
  • Lifetime warranty  

MODEL:T67920C - Robertson mix
T67921C - Robertson/Phillips mix
T67919C - Robertson #2
PRICE:$12.99 each ($11.99 units of 10 or more)
SOURCE:Dealer Search
Carl Duguay, December 2012
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