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Light weight, good knee coverage, foam inserts for extra cushioning, and tough leather caps for a long service life


Task Nitrofoam Kneepads

Kneepads are typically made up of three components - caps (what touches the floor), inserts or pads (what touches your knees), and straps. Caps provide long term durability for the kneepad and protect the surface you're kneeing on, while inserts provide cushioning so that you can work comfortably on your knees for extended periods of time. Straps serve to keep the kneepads attached to your legs, and keep the pads from moving around too much as you alternate between standing and kneeling.
In general, you can choose between kneepads with leather or synthetic caps, and foam or gel inserts. Some models have the cap and insert integrated into a single unit.
The Task Nitrofoam® Kneepads (T77701) appear to be made for Task Tools by Tommyco, a well-known Canadian manufacturer of work wear. The T77701 kneepads have a leather cap and foam inserts and are held in place by a nylon strap.

Leather caps, foam inserts and nylon straps  
The kneepads measure about 8-1/2" long and 6" wide. The pads are made of a single piece of 7/64" leather, curved and crimped at the top by four metal rivets. Leather has been a traditional choice for kneepads because it's abrasion resistant and long-wearing. The curved shape allows for the easier side-to-side movement that's common to a lot of flooring work. As well, smooth leather is less likely to damage prefinished or engineered wood flooring.

One-piece curved leather cap
Inserts consist of a layer of NitroFoam bonded to a CoolMax liner
The inserts consist of a layer of 5/8" NitroFoam - a type of nitrogen-injected foam that is toxin free and environmentally friendly - bonded to a 9/64" CoolMax liner - a breathable fabric that moves perspiration away from the body, and through the fabric, where it evaporates, leaving you dryer and feeling more comfortable. The foam insert is of a medium density that provides sufficient impact cushioning as you crawl about on the floor.

Nylon strap with plastic clip buckle 
Kneepads have either a single lower strap, or both upper and lower straps. Task has gone with a single 1-3/16" wide lower nylon strap and a plastic clip buckle.
In general, lower straps serve to hold the kneepads on the legs, while upper straps help to keep the kneepads from moving off the knees when you alternate between standing and kneeling, and while you're crawling about on the floor.
On most of the kneepads that I've used, the choice is between some kind of snap or click buckle, and hook and loop closures. I've always found that buckles loosen in use - and this is an issue I found somewhat annoying with the T77701 - the buckles tended to loosen with the constant motion of rising and kneeling. And because there is no upper strap, they tended to move off the knees, requiring a fairly constant realignment over the knees. Still, the straps did a reasonably good job of keeping the kneepads from falling below the knees. To be fair, this is an issue I've found with all single strap kneepads.

Bottom straps hold the kneepads reasonably well in place
Good knee coverage
The T77701 kneepads are a good choice for homeowners, avid DIYers, or even renovators who only use them on an intermittent basis. They're very light, provide adequate knee coverage, the foam insert provides very good cushioning, and you'll get a long service life from the tough leather caps.



  • Leather cap
  • Nitrofoam® inserts with CoolMax® liners
  • Adjustable nylon straps
  • Plastic clip buckle
  • 4 oz weight (each kneepad)
  • Replacement warranty

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MODEL #:T77701
Carl Duguay, January 2012
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