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A good choice in a general purpose blade

Task Signature 10" Cabinet Saw Blade

Task Signature 10" Cabinet Saw Blade

The Task Signature Cabinet Saw Blade is an industrial quality combination blade that has a triple-chip grind (TCG) tooth pattern. The TCG configuration has a flat ground tooth followed by a tooth chamfered on both sides. The chamfered tooth, which is marginally shorter than the flat tooth, ploughs the center of the kerf, and then the flat tooth cleans up the bottom sides of the kerf and removes wood chips.
The TCG pattern is primarily used for cutting hard, dense materials - the tooth pattern is a lot more resistant to dulling than a conventional ATB pattern with it's steep side angles. In general TCG blades do an excellent job cutting sheet goods and laminates as well as ripping solid stock, but they don't produce as smooth a finish crosscutting solid stock.

Task Signature Cabinet Blade Tooth Design      
On the Task Signature blade the chamfered teeth have a 45° angle and are .0118" shorter than the flat teeth. All the teeth have a 15° top clearance with a 10° hook angle. The higher hook angle makes for a fairly aggressive cut and allows for a reasonably fast feed rate.

Large micrograin C4 teeth  
The 60 C4 carbide teeth on this blade are among the largest I've encountered. A close inspection reveals that the teeth have been cleanly brazed onto the plate - I couldn't see any gaps or voids, and the face of each tooth is highly polished.
The teeth are .126" wide - essentially 1/8" - and have an overall length of 26/64", with a face length of 19/64". The longer the face the more times the blade can be resharpened, an important factor that affects your return on investment. Based on my experience with other saw blades I would estimate that you can resharpen this blade at least a dozen times. Of course, not all C4 carbide is the same, and the higher the quality of the carbide, the more run time you'll have before needing to resharpen. Task uses only top quality micrograin carbide.

5 noise reduction and 5 anti-vibration slots      
As with virtually all top quality saw blades on the market today, the Task Signature blade has a laser cut precision balanced plate. The .087" thick plate has a runout tolerance guaranteed to be less than 0.004".
There are five noise-reduction slots cut into the rim of the blade, and five anti-vibration slots cut into the body of the blade. These slots also help dissipate heat and they enable the blade to expand and contract while remaining flat and cutting true.

Exceptional cuts in sheet stock
Overall I was very impressed with the quality of cuts made by the Task Signature blade. Most noticeable were the cuts made on plywood and MDF. With the blade raised about 1/4" above the stock and using a zero clearance insert on the saw, the cuts were consistently clean and chip free on both sides.

Clean sides and bottom   
The TCG tooth pattern also means that you get a nearly flat bottom kerf, unlike ATB blades that create a V-groove on the base of the kerf.

Excellent rip cuts   
Rip cuts in solid wood were excellent. The finish was fairly indistinguishable from ATB pattern blades - smooth with nearly no scratches.

Reasonable crosscut quality       
Given the TCG tooth pattern I didn't expect the crosscuts to be as good as on an ATB blade. The cuts were good, but there were discernable teeth marks across the end grain. If the cut ends won't show, it's a go, otherwise you'll need to do some sanding or hand plane work.

The Task Signature blade comes with a convenient carry case    
Carbide teeth are fairly easy to chip - I was glad to see that the Task Signature blade comes in a protective plastic carry case that you can use to store the blade when not in use, or to transport to and from your sharpening service.
At just under $100 the Task Signature blade is a good choice for general purpose use. Rip cuts were excellent, while crosscuts were somewhat less impressive, but certainly acceptable for run-of-the-mill cabinet work. Task also makes a number of other configurations in the Signature line - seven 5/8" arbor blades from 24 to 60-teeth, and four 1" arbor blades from 3o to 96-teeth. There's bound to be one that suits your needs.



  • 60 teeth in a TCG pattern
  • C4 Micrograin carbide
  • 19/64" tooth face
  • 087" plate
  • .126" (1/8") kerf
  • 10° hook angle
  • 15° top clearance 
  • 0.100 mm (0.004") runout
  • 5 noise reduction slots
  • 5 anti-vibration slots
  • Full replacement satisfaction guarantee

COMPANY:Task Tools
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Carl Duguay
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