Thermacell Heated Insoles

Battery powered insoles that keep your feet warm in the coldest temperatures.

Thermacell Heated Insoles

Thermacell Heated Insoles

If you spend a lot of time outdoors during cold weather, chances are you'll end up, at some time, with cold feet. You could try layering on extra thick socks or stomping your feet. Better yet, try a pair of heated insoles from ThermaCELL. These insoles are meant to replace the existing insoles in your footwear. However if the insoles in your boots aren't removable, you might still be able to insert the ThermaCELLs, as long as you still have wiggle room – boots that are too tight fitting won't heat as effectively. 

Careful cutting for a better fit

The insoles are available in a wide range of sizes, and the toe area can be trimmed to fit snugly into your boots. Trimming the insoles is straight forward. You just need to cut slowly (any pair of scissors works well) and cut along the dashed line. 

Batteries take about 4 hours to recharge

The insoles are powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, and provide around 3 hours of heat on the  high setting (111°F) and closer to 5 hours on the medium setting (100°F). The batteries are embedded in the heel area of the insoles, and can't be removed, which means that once the battery reaches the end of its life (about 2,500 hours of use) you have to toss out the insoles.

The charging port is located at the back of the insole. A small rubber flap covers the port. Flip it down, and you can connect the charger cable. To the left of the port is the 'on/off' power switch. It takes about 4 hours to fully recharge the battery. Every time you need to recharge the batteries (which will likely be every evening during cold winter months) you will have to remove the insoles from your boots to access the battery port.


A black tab makes it easy to remove the insoles

I found the insoles easy to slip into my boots. A black pull tab on the heel makes it easy to remove them from the boots. 

Remotely controlled heat

An included remote enables you to select between the two heating modes and a no heat (standby) mode. In the no heat mode the battery will still consume power – about 2% of the battery charge per hour. The remote has its own battery, which you can access by removing four screws from the back cover.

The insoles provide heat to the toe and ball area of the foot – not to the arch or heel area. In 'cool' temperatures, around 3°C here in Victoria, I didn't feel much of a difference wearing these insoles (using the medium setting). However, on a day trip to Mount Washington, in -10°C weather, I noticed the difference. Even in the high setting (111°F) my feet never felt 'hot', but rather 'comfortable' – about what they normally feel indoors. So, don't expect blazing heat with these insoles. And, once your feet do warm up you can switch to the no heat mode until you need the heat again. This would likely enable you to get through an 8 hour day on a single battery charge.

I do find these ThermaCELL insoles noticeably stiffer than the insoles that I normally wear in my boots.The insoles don't push into the arch of the foot, which I particularly like. If you do have low arches, like I do, then then these insoles should do just fine.

If you don't like the idea of throwing out the insoles at the end of the battery life, There are two versions of the ThermaCELL insoles. The 'Original Heated Insoles', which I tried, and the 'Proflex' model, which has a removable battery and USB battery charging. The Original version has an 


  • Powered by lithium ion batteries
  • Rechargeable in 4 hours
  • Approximately 2 year battery life (2,500 hours)
  • Trimable, waterproof sole
  • Provides heat up to 44°C/111°F with three temperature settings (high, medium, no heat)
  • High-tech wireless thermal technology run by remote control
  • Remote control range of up to 2.1m/7'
  • Comes with bag, charger, and wireless remote control
  • Women's shoe sizes: 4.5-6,6.5-8, 8.5-10, 9.5-11, 11.5-13
  • Men's shoe sizes: 3.5-5, 5.5-7, 7.5-9, 10.5-12, 12.5-14
  • 1 year warranty
COMPANY:ThermaCELL Heated Products
MODEL:Original Heated Insoles
SOURCE:Where to Buy
NOTE: This product is no longer available
Carl Duguay
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