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A few 2 × 4s are all you need to make this quick and temporary mitre saw stand for your next trim project. Your back will thank you.

Temporary Mitre Saw Stand

Build a Temporary Mitre Saw Stand

Photo by Mark Salusbury

When trimming a reno site, I needed a quick, cheap, temporary base to support my mitre-saw so I could tame baseboard, quarter round and other stock mouldings, some 16' long and often at the extreme ends. My solution was to use three 8' long 2 × 4s to make a super-simple workstation I could clamp to some on-hand work stands.
The 8' rails were fine, but I would have used 10' or even 12' rails for extra support if I had had them. The length of the spacer blocking to fit between the rails was determined by the depth of the mitre-saw base and the screw-hole locations for fas­tening the saw down. The center of the holes was equal to the center-to-center distance of the long 2 × 4s. Just like assembling a stud wall, the rails were screwed to the blocks with 3" con­struction screws.
Once assembled, clamped to stands and the saw fastened cen­trally, I measured the height of the saw’s working surface above the top surface of my support assembly (3" for me), added the width of my support stock (3-1/2"), and cut blocks from scrap wide enough to support the trim I was preparing to cut. Two or three on each side of the saw supported even floppy quarter round. Short +2" × 2' long auxiliary fences suited my needs, but could have been longer or taller as required to offer adequate sup­port for the stock to be safely and accurately cut. 
Once the job was over, the parts were unclamped and disassembled, the screws went back in the tub and the 2 × 4 lumber was set aside for the next build.  

Mark Salusbury

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