Tis the season to make magic, merry, memories

Tis the season to make magic, merry, memories

Beauti-Tone helps you create a unique holiday style   
Burford, ON (November 4, 2014) – Shopping malls are decorated, wish lists are growing, the big guy is running the red-nosed wonder through practice paces, and children everywhere are trying their hardest to be at their “guess who’s watching” best. The holiday season is drawing close and Home Hardware, thorough it’s Beauti-Tone Paint Division, has project ideas to help you make your very own holiday magic, merry, memories.  
“The holiday season is the perfect time to throw understated to the wind and go all out,” says Bev Bell, Creative Director, Beauti-Tone Paint and Home Products Division, Home Hardware Stores Limited. “But ‘all out’ does not (necessarily) mean going full Griswold! Instead, very easily and inexpensively you can create the kind of beautiful and welcoming environment that lets those nearest and dearest know how much you appreciate them.” 
Each of these Make Memories, Make Magic and Make Merry projects is at the low end of the “know-how” and “financial investment” scale yet shines at the high end of wow appeal.

Make Memories

It’s the thoughtful details and personal touches that make the most precious, lasting memories. An inexpensive drop cloth, reusable alphabet stencils, and paint is all you need to make a lasting impression. 
Santa sack
Imagine the smile you will bring to the face of someone special when a personalized Santa sac appears under the tree on Christmas morning! 
What you’ll need
  • canvas drop sheet (Home Hardware offers a cloth that is beautifully white and fabulously sturdy)
  • 1” & 2” letter stencils 
  • painter’s tape 
  • transparency film, 8” x 11”
  • hobby knife 
  • stencil brush 
  • Beauti-Tone red and black paint
  • red ribbon
Here’s How
  • Santa sack measurement: 32” x 26” (shown). For larger size sack, use 3”, 4” and 5” stencils.
  • Cut two 32” x 26” pieces of canvas. Sew three sides together, leaving the top open. Sew a 1/2” hem at top of sack.
  • Working from the bottom and ensuring your line is straight, stencil the first line. Use painter’s tape as a guide to keep a straight line, and stencil from the middle out to ensure everything is centred.
  • Sew 6’ of ribbon to the back of sack to tie.
  • Stuff with the best present ever!

Pillow Talk

Conversation pieces to decorate your home with holiday spirit. Not naughty at all, just really nice.
What you’ll need
  • canvas drop sheet 
  • Beauti-Tone paint (featured: black and red)
  • hobby knife 
  • stencil brush 
  • small artist brushes 
  • painter’s tape 
  • carbon paper
  • transparency film 8” x 11”
  • quilt batting
  • fibrefill stuffing
Here’s How
Pillow measurements: Ho! Ho! Ho! and Reindeer 15” x 20”, Naughty on one side and Nice on the other 16” x 12”
  • Cut 2 pieces each from canvas and batting in the desired size.
  • Cut a stencil from transparency film or transfer design with carbon paper (shown), depending on your chosen design.
Stencilling: Place stencil in position on pillow front and tape in place. Use a dry brush technique: the paint on the stencil brush is wiped on paper towel to remove excess before applying to fabric.
Transfer: Trace design on front of pillow and fill in with paint and brush.
  • Sew the batting to the back of the two pieces of canvas. 
  • Place the canvas sides together with the batting facing out. Sew pillow together, leaving an opening to turn it right side out. Fill pillow with stuffing and sew opening closed.
  • Casually display on your sofa knowing they were way easier to create than they look!
Make Magic
Set the atmosphere for a magical evening that reflects your style. Mirror spray paint transforms ordinary glass into extraordinary mirrored treasures. You will be under a spell to create more!
Star-Studded Affair
Simply spray the back of a basic 8” square glass plate with mirror paint to add some star quality.
What you’ll need
  • plate 
  • mirror paint 
  • painter’s tape 
  • hobby knife 
  • clear sealer 
Here’s How
Place painter’s tape on the back of the plate and draw a star in the middle. Cut the star out with a hobby knife. Remove excess tape, leaving the star shape. Spray the back of the plate with mirror paint. When mirror effect is complete (usually 5 coats – let dry between each coat), remove star cut-out and spray with a clear sealer.
Table runner and placemat
Have glass cut and edges sanded to create unique table runners and placemats. Placemats measure 12” x 18”, and the runner is 14” but you can purchase your desired length. The placemat was created similar to the square plate. The runner has a decorative stripe design created by placing painter’s tape where you want the glass to remain clear.
Make Merry
Who says urns have to be basic black? Dress your urn in a festive coat of Beauti-Tone Simon Says red paint. Crown it with an evergreen wreath studded with cheerful hues of lime, cherry, and peppermint. White lit branches add sparkle.
It’s so easy that come spring, you can give your urn a beautiful makeover once again!
Manufactured in Canada by Home Hardware, Beauti-Tone is the top Canadian-owned and Canadian-made retail paint brand and is available exclusively at Canada’s own Home Hardware, Home Building Centre and Home Hardware Building Centre stores. Over two years in development, Beauti-Tone’s new Colour Comes Home colour-inspiration program was developed to give both new painters and design-savvy consumers the right combination of tools to help them realize the look they want for their home. Colour Comes Home contains four key components:  a new 1,228-shade full-spectrum Colour System, including all the colours used in these projects; a collection of 42 Essential Whites; eight design-inspired whole home collections; and loads of DIY décor project ideas. “The rest of the world knows how unique and special Canadians are, so in designing this colour system, we honoured this uniqueness by focusing on colours and colour palettes that allow us each to draw from our own personal style,” says Bell.