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Titebond’s strong and quick offering.

Titebond Instant Bond

Titebond Instant Bond CA Adhesive

Photo by Titebond

CA – cyanoacrylate – is a real asset in any woodworker’s shop. Apart from rapid repairs to broken parts and precious objects, its ability to clearly coat, fill and bond is a game changer. By simply choosing the most appropriate thickness for the task, woodworkers of all stripes have embraced Titebond CA adhesive for decades.

Available in four viscosities - thin, medium, thick and gel - there’s a CA that matches how much absorption is required and/or the surface texture of the object you’re applying it to. CA works on most surfaces, including wood, metal, stone, ceramic, plastic and glass. It’s sold in 56g (2 oz) containers.

“Thin” has a three-second set time, and is wonderful for sealing grain, stiffening wood fibres, stabilizing natural bark edges or fixing loose knots. It can also be used as a finish on small wooden objects, as a wood filler when added to sawdust, as a thread-locking agent on nuts and bolts, or anywhere you require thin penetration.

“Medium” has a bit more working time — a five-second setup rating — and a bit less penetration. It’s fine for moderate crack/ gap filling anytime you want to build a controlled surface film.

“Thick”, with its eight-second setup rating, offers more working time plus more gap filling properties. This is helpful when bonding irregular surfaces and/or you require more assembly time, such as when mending a broken teacup, gluing a plug over a screw hole or assembling a quick jig.

“Gel” extends assembly time to 20 seconds and has superior gap-filling and surface-bonding properties. For example, it can be used to create a blemish-free surface instead of pins or brads to bond pieces in place while waiting for traditional long-curing carpenters’ glue to dry and cure.

Quick and Versatile – With many viscosities to choose from, there’s a solution for just about any situation. (Photo by Mark Salusbury)

For even more bonding solutions, Instant Bond “Accelerator” can be applied pre- or post-assembly, with any grade of CA, for a true “instant bond” and far more bonding potential.  

Titebond has a new product line for Canadians; their proven Instant Bond product has been especially packaged, featur­ing a removable “childproof” cover, English/French labelling and a convenient “aerosol” accelerator for rapid assembly.   

Titebond Instant Bond
MSRP: $14-$20 (depending on viscosity)
Types: Thin, Medium, Thick, Gel
Website: Titebond.com
Tester: Mark Salusbury

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