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Adria Dovetail Saw

There is a renaissance in woodworking hand tool production in North America. Highly skilled, dedicated woodworking enthusiasts and professionals are turning a wide range of exceptional products in small cottage industries.

Over the past few years I have had the opportunity to try out quite a few of these tools and feel that, in many cases, they are superior to the products available from mainstream manufacturers. You can, of course, expect to pay a premium for these quality tools. But what you get is a tool that is a pleasure to own and use, and one that will likely hold its value over time. These are the heirloom tools of the future.

I recently tested a very fine dovetail handsaw from Eddie Sirotich of Vancouver, the owner of Adria Toolworks. Eddie has been making handsaws since 1997. In the early 1990s Eddie found that there were few quality handsaws on the market. His passion for woodworking and a desire to produce an elegant and precise handsaw of his own led to the development of the Adria line of handsaws. Until recently he was making all the saw parts from scratch. However, because of the growing demand for his saws, he now sub-contracts the manufacturing of some parts. He does, however, continues to assemble and test each saw himself.

The Adria saw is similar in appearance to the Sheffield-made saws that were popular in the mid-1800s. As you can see in the photo, the Adria saw has a classic open handled pistol grip that is a natural and comfortable fit in your hand. Handles can be had in either Padauk or Bubinga. The saw has an overall length of just over 13”. The high quality spring steel blade, hardened to Rc 54, is 8” long, 2” high and .020” thick. The blade has a rip tooth cut with 15 ppi (points per inch) set very narrow (about .003” each side), and produces a kerf of about .026”. The brass back is a substantial 1/4” by 3/4”, resulting in a very rigid blade. The handle is 7/8” thick and is attached to the blade with two brass split nut screws.

Although most of the mass-produced saws on the market have their teeth cut crosscut, a dovetail saw works best with rip cut teeth (because you’re cutting with the grain, not across it). Having an adequate number of teeth with a narrow set gives an optimal cut: the blade moves quickly through stock, it expels the sawdust rather than clogging the gullets, makes it easier to cut along your scribed line, gives a smooth finish and a narrow kerf. Everything you need to cut the perfect dovetail!

Put to the test, the Adria was a pleasure to use, and produced cuts that would be hard to beat with any other saw. I cut dovetails in a range of soft and hard woods with excellent results. The saw is very well balanced and has a wonderful feel in the hand. The workmanship is superb.Adria saws come with the best warranty that I’ve ever seen: a one-year unconditional money-back guarantee. Now, that’s a testament to Eddie’s commitment to produce a top quality saw.

Along with the dovetail, saw Eddie makes matched sets (rip and crosscut) of small and large tenon saws. His next venture will be a frame saw. Given the quality of the dovetail saw, I’ll bet the frame saw will be a knock out! By the way, if you’re curious about the name “Adria”, it comes from the Adriatic Sea, the coast of which Eddie grew up on. Eddie contends that it is the best part of the Mediterranean and, like his saws, both rare and beautiful.

The Adria dovetail saw is priced at $135 CDN. For more information, or to order a saw, contact Eddie Sirotich at 604-710-5748 or or visit his Web site at

CARL DUGUAY is the web editor for Canadian Woodworking
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