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Arbortech Mini Grinder

The standard 4" power carving blades work great for most large power carving projects, but they don’t provide a whole lot a of pinpoint accuracy. When you’re working on a project that demands detailed, precise work, you may want to consider the Arbortech Mini Grinder. Its 2" diameter cutter allows you to make tighter turns, get further into corners and hollows, and because the blade is more visible, you can better see what it’s doing. It would be your best choice for relief carving on flat surfaces or sculpting small-to-medium-sized objects in the round. And if you’re a wood turner, the possibilities are huge; this would be a great tool to help add texture to turnings. I liked using this unit because it was easy to control and I could remove material in tight areas. Cutters very similar to the full-sized Industrial Woodcarver and Pro-4 are available for this grinder, not to mention a diamond blade for grout, etc. and a host of sanding disks.

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