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Pivot Plus Driver/Drill
The PD600 is a pretty neat tool from Black & Decker. It is both a screwdriver and a drill. That in itself is not unique, but the tool has a few more assets. The PD600 has a three-position pivot head (to get into tight spots) and two speeds (one for screwing and one for drilling).

The head of the PD600 allows the use of both hexagon drill, and screw driving bits, and it holds them securely. There is a convenient forward and reverse rocker switch, a button to change the angles, and a slot on the case of the PD600 to hold a drill bit and a screwdriver bit.

The PD600 has two nice features: an LED light; and a 5’ built-in tape measure. Very convenient. The rechargeable six-volt battery is built-in and takes about six hours to fully charge. This is an ideal tool for the home woodworker. Keep the PD600 plugged in and it will always be ready to go.
Cross Hair Laser Level

The Black & Decker Cross Hair 90º Auto Laser Level is a brand new tool and a “must have” if you plan on any home renovations (and we all know that home renovations are always looming).

The BDL400 has some great features not usually seen in a laser unit. This one illuminates both a horizontal and a vertical line that is exactly 90º. The BDL400 is self-leveling (plus or minus five degrees) and it has a couple of hanging options: a sharp pin (protected) to hang it on a drywall surface, and a keyhole attachment to nail or screw it to other materials.

The BDL400 has a dual switch. One position allows the laser to ‘float’ and find its own level. The other is a ‘fixed’ position.

The tool comes in a soft padded case and includes the necessary battery. The BDL400 also includes an orange ‘target’ for more visibility in bright light situations. The Black & Decker Cross Hair will help you with both level and plumb lines.

GRAHAM McCULLOCH is a woodworker and writer living in Halifax, NS
Graham McCulloch


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