Bosch Daredevil Framing Blades Deliver Precision and Speed


Bosch Daredevil Framing Blades Deliver Precision and Speed

Ranging in size from 6 ½" to 8 ¼", the new Bosch Daredevil framing blades bring a number of things to the construction site every day: C3 micrograin carbide, thin-kerf, extra-hard steel plate blades, control-cut shoulders for reduced kickback and expansion slots to control blade warp. All these characteristics come together to deliver a combination of speed and a smooth finish. Add to all this Bosch’s Speed Coat finish, which avoids binding when you’re using treated or wet lumber, and you have yourself a great framing partner. “This blade is designed to start sharper and stay sharper − that’s beyond a tagline; it’s what framers asked for,” said Chris Carlson, Bosch group product manager, circular saw blades. To learn more or to find a local dealer, visit —Rob Brown

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