Bosch Saw Offers Extreme Portability

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Bosch Saw Offers Extreme Portability

I found the Bosch GTS1031 to be very intuitive. All accessories store within the saw base and the only adjustment required prior to throwing the saw in your truck is to dial in the rip-fence.

Previous generations of job-site table saws are routinely stripped of their arcane safety gear. The new breeds are different. The Bosch GTS1031 includes a true riving knife and a versatile two-piece blade guard so you can expose only one side of the blade as needed to rip thin strips.

The carrying handle allows you to shoulder the weight of the saw close to your body, much more manageable than a saw requiring a wheeled stand. The optional stand folds flat for transport, the legs splay out to create a stable footprint, and the saw clips on/off quickly and securely.

Cutting ability is comparable to other quality job-site saws: powerful and noisy. The fence is accurate and parallel to the blade; it extends for a maximum rip of 18". The mitre gauge is marginal, but the slots are sized to accept an aftermarket gauge. The literature states that it can accept a ½" dado. A blade shroud with a 2 ¼" ID port allows dust collection from below. Fit and finish is very good and comparable to its big brother, the 4100.

The GTS1031 appears to be a very thoughtfully laid out and capable compact saw with great safety accessories. Deciding on whether it’s for you will hinge on what size of sheet goods you intend to rip and how much value you place on portability. For more information, visit

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