Busy Bee Tools Unveils New CX-Series of Machinery


Busy Bee Tools Unveils New CX-Series of Machinery

Over the past two years, the engineers at Busy Bee Tools have been … well … busy. In order to address the growing demands of serious woodworkers and metalworkers, they have developed a new line of over 20 machines, which they have branded the CX-Series. The impetus for this hard work was the perceived need for a wider selection of heavy-duty machines at great value. “We put a lot of time into developing each machine, from the actual specifications of each unit, to looking at new ways to improve old features,” says Hanif Balolia, VP of Marketing at Busy Bee Tools. Overall, you will find a bit of everything in these new machines; from more power to better paint jobs to a three-year warranty. With all these changes, there’s one thing that will stay the same. “We will price these machines as aggressively as ever, something that will never change at Busy Bee Tools,” says Balolia proudly. Over the next several months, Busy Bee will be rolling out many new machines, including six table saws, three bandsaws, three floor combination sanders, two planers, two jointers, four dust collectors, two shapers and two panel saws, with other offerings on the drawing board for 2011. Visit their website for more details – busybeetools.com.

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