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Cordless Impact Wrench

Back when I was a kid I remember my dad working on the truck with a ratcheting socket wrench to tighten or remove nuts and bolts. He now uses a pneumatic wrench – a wrench powered by an air compressor. The modern version of the power wrench is the cordless impact wrench.

For removing nuts and bolts, particularly when they’re frozen in place, or sinking deck screws or lag screws, nothing beats a cordless impact wrench - and you don't need a compressor to operate it. (For a review of impact drivers, a close cousin of the impact wrench, see Canadian Woodworking Magazine, Feb/Mar 2006, Issue #34).

The new Hitachi WR18DL offers serious power for its size and weight. For example, it produces an incredible 1950 in/lbs of turning and tightening torque. It comes with two high-capacity 3.0Ah HXP Lithium Ion batteries that offer three times the life, and half the weight of NiCd and NiMH batteries. It's compact in length at only 6½", and lightweight at 3.5 lbs.

You can select Power Mode (0-2,600 RPM) for full speed applications, or Save Mode (0-2,000 RPM) for more control. We like this feature, as you want to be careful when tightening a nut or bolt with a tool like this, as you can potentially over-torque a bolt or nut or strip the threads. The ½" square chuck on the impact wrench accepts all the common ½" sockets.

Other features include externally accessible carbon brushes, a replaceable armature, and a five-position belt hook with integrated LED job light.

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