Cordless Vac, Belt Sander, & Laser Guide

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Cordless Vac, Belt Sander, & Laser Guide

Cordless Vac
The DeWalt DC500 is a portable cordless/corded, two-gallon wet/dry vacuum that you will love to have in your shop. You read right, the DC500 will run on any of the DeWalt 12, 14.4 and 18-volt battery packs You can also plug it in. The tool includes a rubber hose that stretches to six feet and includes both a 'floor/tools' and a 'crevice' attachment. The hose may be locked in for suction or used in the exhaust end as a blower.

A Gore-Tex wet or dry filter traps 99.7% of the dust particles within the vacuum so it doesn't add dust to the air in your shop. And the DC500 is no slouch at picking up. In the dry mode (and with a DeWalt 18-volt XR+Pack) it has enough runtime to pick up 200 pounds of drywall dust. In the wet mode, you can expect to extract 100 gallons of water before you have to rely on the AC power. For convenience, a drain plug is provided.
Belt Sander


DeWalt keeps their hand on the pulse of woodworkers. In doing so recently, they have come out with some new and innovative products. For example, the 3" x 21" Belt Sander.

The portable belt sander has been around for many years and one would have thought that there wouldn't be much room for improvement, if any. DeWalt found that room. Until now the most noticeable shortcoming of a belt sander has been its inability to get its nose close to a vertical surface. The new DW433 belt sander does just that.

The innovative three-roller design allows the sander to get within a half-inch of a vertical surface which is great if you are finish sanding floors. The front bale or handle may be removed or placed in one of two positions. The three-roller design gives the DW433 a much larger sanding surface due to a larger ultra-smooth platen. The third roller is also flanged to keep the sanding belt on track.

The DW433 is a variable speed tool that runs 850 - 1,400 SFPM (surface feet per minute) and the sawdust that it generates is handled efficiently in one of two ways; an on-board filter bag, or vacuum adaptor.

The DW433 is a heavy-duty belt sander. The tool weighs in at 11 pounds and therefore requires little downward pressure by the user. The 8-amp motor looks after that weight quite handily. The three-roller design, with the motor low in the middle provides good stability. DeWalt has an inverter as an accessory for the DW433 that will convert it to a bench-top sanding station.
Laser Guide


Want to cut that perfect line? More and more saw manufacturers are now building in a laser-generated guideline that tells you precisely where the saw blade is going to cut.

That's great if you have a brand new saw, but what if you have an older model compound or mitre saw? They aren't equipped with such helpful laser guides.

That is until now. Bladepoint has just come out with a perfect accessory to update your saw, so that you too can cut that perfect line.

Bladepoint is an after-market Laser Guide that will adapt to most existing compound miter saws and some circular saw models. The Bladepoint Laser Guide replaces the blade washer on your saw and is powered by three hearing-aid batteries with a centrifugal switch.

When you turn on your miter saw it activates the switch as you lower the blade to within three inches of your workpiece.

When adjusted, the right edge of the laser line will touch your pencil mark (when the off-cut is on the right). No more guesswork here. The Bladepoint Laser Guide is available from M&D Wooland Enterprises. 1-877-778-5585

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