Delta, Craftex, and Fein Tools, Wizard Measuring Level

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Delta, Craftex, and Fein Tools, Wizard Measuring Level

Delta 6" Grinder Model GR250 (shown above)

Even a basic woodworking shop is not complete without a grinder and Delta has made it really easy to add this basic tool to your shop. What’s more, Delta has added some great features that, until now, have not been seen in a basic 6" grinder.

The Delta 6" Grinder (model GR250) comes with a variable speed control. No more burnt edges on those chisels. The GR250 has speeds from 2,000 to 3,450 RPMs and an up-front dial controls them. In addition, this new Delta grinder has a built-in gooseneck task lamp to brighten up your work place. Clear Lexan eye shields are built in and spark shields are part of the package. Although the GR250 is equipped with rubber feet, all grinders have a tendency to “walk” when in use, so Delta has provided a couple of mounting holes to keep the tool in place.

The tool comes complete with two grinding wheels, a fairly coarse carborundum and a finer white stone for finishing work. As a nice additional touch, Delta has thought to include a diamond wheel dresser to keep the wheels true and clean.

The GR250 6" variable speed Grinder runs extremely quietly. Priced at $99. Contact 1-800-463-3582

Craftex In-Feed/Out-Feed Stand Model B2435


The Craftex Roller/Ball In-feed/ Out-feed Stand (model B2435) is one of the best helping tools to come along for some time now. There have been hundreds of in-feed, out-feed roller units of all types and descriptions made by a multitude of manufacturers over the past years, but none that quite compare with the B2435. Most are either a single or multiple conveyer roller type. As good as those are, they must be perfectly in line with the tool that they are being used with or the stock will wander. The roller-ball types are better because they are omni-directional.  The B3435 is the best of both.

Craftex has perfected the feed table. The B2435 has both a conveyer type single roller (ideal for a compound mitre saw) and a multiple ball type with five rollers.

You simply flip the top for your choice. Other feed support tables are height adjusted with a centre post and a lock-knob. Craftex has made height adjusting a really simple process through the use of a foot pedal. Now, you can use two hands to get the precise level and then release the foot pedal to lock it. The B2435 has a large, tubular tripod base that ensures stability. The B2435 sells for $75. at Busy Bee. 1-800-461-2879
Wizard Measure Level


Wizard Industries always seems to find new and innovative tools that really make things easy and efficient for us woodworkers. Their latest entry is the new Measure Level. Our test sample is a 24" long anodized aluminum rule that is a full 1/8" thick x 1" wide. The etched black markings are in 1/8" increments. As a rule and a straight edge, this is an excellent tool by itself. But, leave it to Wizard; this is not enough to satisfy them. They had to take the Measure Level to newer heights.

Wizard did so by adding a sliding spirit level for both plumb and horizontal use.

Add to that, two additional sliding blocks for reference points. These aluminum sliders move smoothly and are locked in position with solid brass knurled knobs.

The backs of the sliding blocks have imbedded stainless steel pins in them that may be used as a reference marker, screw starter or even better, a compass trammel point to scribe or draw up to 47" diameter circles or arcs. The Wizard Measure Level will soon be available in 12” and 36” sizes as well. It retails for approximately $38.99.

Fein Multi Master


Originally, many years ago, Fein (pronounced fine) introduced a random orbital detail sander. It was designed to get into tight corners and fine details that conventional sanders were unable to reach.

The tool, a single speed, was considered the Mercedes of the industry. More recently, engineers at Fein have discovered that the random orbital motion of the tool can do much more than just fine sanding. They added a smooth and quiet variable speed control to it to slow it down and ease the aggressiveness of it. They did not stop there.

They discovered that by adding a very thin stainless steel circular saw blade, the tool would work remarkably well to undercut moldings and to shave off that 1/64” to make wood pieces fit. They also discovered that by adding a fine chisel-like blade, the tool could shave wood and neatly remove glue seepage. I used it some years ago to remove glued down foam backed carpet in an entire room, right down to the sub-floor.

Fein has added a number of accessories to the original tool and re-named it the Multi Master. It comes with several new saw blades including: one that will cut through 2x4s; a diamond imbedded blade to cut ceramic tile (and concrete); and a carbide imbedded blade for removing grout around tiles. The Multi Master also features: additional blades of various shapes/ sizes; “finger” sanders (to sand and polish really tight spots); and other attachments that will do just about anything you can think of. One more nice touch to the Fein Multi Master, the tool comes with a 12’ power cord.

The Mult Master comes in three packages: Start $219. Select $299. Top $379. Contact info: Fein Canadian Power Tool Co. Tel: 1-800-265-2581 Email:  Web:

GRAHAM McCULLOCH is a woodworker and writer living in Halifax, NS
Graham McCulloch


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