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Easy Wood Turning Tools

Scrapers aren’t new to woodturning; most turners have a few “high-speed steel” scrapers in their kit to refine profiles and level surface inconsistencies.

Carbide isn’t new either; machine lathe cutters and power tool blades have been tipped with carbide for years, offering long service life and reduced sharpening.

What’s new is this marriage of replaceable carbide tips on woodturning scrapers.

Using only a Ci1 Rougher, a Ci4 Detailer and a Ci0 Finisher, from air-dried woods I turned a small end-grain vessel from figured maple and a bowl from flat-sawn cherry. My lathe was set about 1300 rpm for pieces of this size. Both were completed easily, start to finish, without having to rotate the tips, though the  cutting edges I’d used were noticeably dull once I’d completed the second piece, victims of the heat produced from turning dry wood. Turning “green” wood will yield a much longer cutter life as would a lower lathe rpm and/or light, controlled touch.

The surface left on my project pieces was perfectly acceptable, ready for sanding and turned in the same time it might have taken me using a gouge roughing and shaping.

These well made, user-friendly tools will be wonderful for beginners, those turning “green” wood, turning small projects and for those who don’t want to sharpen.