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Fence Alternative

One day, I was trying to follow a line with my bandsaw, and I wasn’t having a lot of luck. I stopped and stood there, wishing I had a fence. I looked around hoping to see something that would help me… I’d heard that “necessity is the mother of invention”, so I continued to look around.

I looked back and forth and all around my workshop, and then I saw it: a featherboard sitting on a rack. I just flipped it over and set it to my blade. One minute it was a featherboard, the next it was a bandsaw fence. Now when I re-saw my stock, I can successfully follow that line.
If you have a woodworking jig that you’ve come up with, let us know. We’ll print it in a future issue.

Wally Schneeberger
WALLY SCHNEEBERGER is a renovations carpenter in Calgary, Alberta

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