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Festool RO 90 Sander

I know what you’re saying …“Not another sander!” Well, I can assure you this isn’t any old sander. In short, it’s a well thought out sanding powerhouse. I never realized so many features could be added to one sander, but Festool has accomplished the impossible. Firstly, they modified (dare I say “perfected”) their systainers by removing the old latches, which were hard on fingers, and added a T-lock that easily rotates and locks, making getting at what’s inside a breeze. Don’t worry; the new systainers are compatible with the originals. Once I had the sander out of the box and on the wood, I realized it is much more than just a small sander that will access tight places. With three modes (aggressive, random orbital and delta), it’s up for all tasks. And the sandpaper is about the most durable I have ever used, which saves me time, money and a ton of hassle. Because this unit is so back-heavy, I thought I would have trouble keeping the sanding pad flat on the wood, but I was very impressed by its balance and ergonomics. If you still find all this hard to believe, pick one up for yourself. If you’re not happy with it Festool offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

For more information, visit festoolcanada.com. —Rob Brown

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