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Product News: Now available from General International is a 17" extended stroke drill press. This new model (75-260 M1) is designed for precision drilling applications in either wood or metal and includes all the basic functions and features found on most standard drill presses. 


General Extends Its Reach

The main difference between this model and others is its lengthened 6" vertical spindle travel.

The cast-iron head of the 75-260 M1 is mounted to a sturdy 3 ⅛" steel column and sits on a stable 11 3/4 x 19 ⅝" cast-iron base. The large 14 x 14" cast-iron table tilts 45 degrees left or right and can be quickly swiveled away for off-table drilling. It also has four strategically located slots for securing a variety of clamps or jigs to the table. A smooth rack and pinion is used for table height adjustments and all swivel or pivot points are secured with metal locking levers.

The 75-260 M1 features a 1 HP, totally enclosed fan-cooled motor, a heavy duty positive depth stop, a ¾" chuck, a large front-mounted paddle-style stop switch and, for added safety, an adjustable flip-up, see-through chuck guard.

The unit is equipped with cast-iron pulleys for smooth, vibration-free operation and by simply changing the belt positions on the pulleys it offers 12 possible speed selections, from 255 to 2750 RPM.
The General International 75-260M1 can be ordered from most General/General International retail distributors.

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