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General International Pen Turning Lathe

General International’s new three-speed lathe (25-010) has been designed and built specifically for turning pens and other small hobby type projects. It’s equipped with a quiet ⅕ HP 110V 1.2 amp motor and features an extruded aluminum frame, head and tailstock. The maximum distance between centers is 12".

Both the tool rest and tailstock are equipped with smooth action quick lock ratchet levers for smooth, easy repositioning and positive locking action. The headstock spindle thread is ¾" x 16 TPI with a ⅜" through-hole to accommodate a large variety of standard after-market accessories, and both the head and tailstock are fitted with a very common MT#1 Morse taper.

Factory supplied with a 6" tool rest, 2 ½" face plate, live center, spur center, knock-out bar, a see-through lathe guard and a pen-turning mandrel set, this mini-lathe is currently retailing for $229.99 (pricing valid until at least August 31st, 2011) and can be ordered from most General/General International retail distributors.

See for a complete list of distributors. 

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