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iVac Pro System

As a professional contractor, moving into a larger shop presented a few dust collection challenges. Namely, being able to easily turn on my 5HP cyclone easily from anywhere in the shop. The iVAC family of products easily took care of this. In my previous smaller shop, I had a centrally located magnetic switch, which was reasonably accessible. Now, with 800 sq ft. I needed a solution. To turn on the power to the cyclone, an iVAC Contactor was used due to the high initial amperage draw. A standard iVAC Pro Switch turns on the contactor and a handheld remote control turns on the iVAC Pro Switch. Simple, easy to hook up and perfect for my present needs. Smaller dust collectors could get away without the Contactor and use a combination of multiple iVAC Pro Tool modules and remotes.

A few key features:

• All-wireless system that’s easy to install. However, the Contactor does need to be hard-wired

• Upgradeable with up to eight tool modules to automatically turn on the DC with the powering up of any tool. Separate zones allow for multiple dust collectors

• Dust sealed switches with ON /OFF/AUTO settings

• Mix and match 115Vac & 240Vac Power Tools & Dust Collectors on the same system

• A big, bright, yellow palm-sized remote with belt/apron clip will never get lost

• 1.5 sec start delay reduces chance of tripped breakers

• Adjustable off delay clears pipes before it shuts off your DC

• TU V safety approval to UL , CSA standards, as well as FCC /IC for RF sections

• Great customer service

For more info, visit ivacpro.com.

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