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Product News: The Joint Genie is a new British-made dowel jointing tool that works differently than the dowel jig you may be used to. 


Joint Genie

The jig comes in four different configurations that will satisfy the needs of anyone, from the 'Jobber' aimed at the DIYer to the 'Multi Professional' geared to the pro cabinet maker.

All of the different configurations are made from case hardened steel and stainless steel fittings. The Joint Genie is also nicely packaged in a reuseable plastic case with moulded foam inserts to ensure that all the components are easy to locate and store. Each kit also contains clear instructions and suggestions on how to properly use the jig for various joint configurations. The Joint Genie is designed to join two pieces of wood in almost any configuration imaginable.

The jig comes with the option of metric or imperial sized bits and dowels can be purchased separately. For more information or to buy online, visit

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