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Product News: If you’re looking for a power tool that will cut through wood, soft metals, PVC, iron and plastic with ease and preci­sion, this is the tool for you. 

Double Cut Saw

King 5" Double Cut Saw

The new King 5" Double Cut Saw is an amazingly flexible, easy to use tool that will tackle myriad tasks around the shop with surprising accuracy. Once you attach the appropriate blade, there’s almost nothing to stand in your way.

What separates this saw from others are the two specially designed blades that simultaneously rotate in opposite direc­tions, providing smooth, clean cuts with less vibration or kickback. Speaking of blades, there are four types available for the wide range of jobs this unit handles: general purpose, stainless steel, glass, and stone and tile. When cutting met­als the built-in blade lubricating system keeps the blade from overheating and warping. Additional accessories include an edge guide for repeated cuts, a laser guide attachment for increased accuracy and a cutting stand to convert your saw into a cut-off saw. All told, this is a very versatile tool that will help you with almost anything you can throw at it. After all, flexibility can be one of the most important qualities in a tool. For more information visit

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