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King Sliding Table Attachment

If you do a lot of work with sheet goods but can’t justify springing for a dedicated sliding table saw, King Canada has just what the doctor ordered. Although King seemed to underestimate the demand for their new sliding table attachment at first – they have been in and out of stock since introducing the table in Sept 2010 – by the new year their stock will be high again and there will be more than enough for everyone. This sliding table will attach to any 27"-deep table saw and is made of extruded aluminum. It glides effortlessly on ball bearings, yet that’s not even the highlight. This attachment will allow you to crosscut 48"-wide sheets with ease; something that some other aftermarket sliding tables will not allow. In addition to all these big features are a few small perks that will surely seal the deal for you. The flip-stop will allow for easy repetitive cuts, the adjustable mitre gauge has positive stops and when you’re not using the sliding table it can be locked in place. For an introductory price of $599, King once again delivers high value to Canadian woodworkers. To learn more about this, and other King products, visit

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