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Lee Valley Veritas Joinery Saws

Lee Valley Tools has added to their joinery saw line-up with the recent introduction of the Veritas Small Crosscut Saw and the Veritas Fine-Tooth Dovetail Saw. These two saws join the pre-released Dovetail saw. All saws in this line feature the innovative spine and well shaped bubinga handle featured on the first Dovetail saw. The Fine-tooth Dovetail Saw is perfect for someone who prefers to work with a fine-tooth saw. This saw comes with a 20 tpi blade that is 9 ½" long and a 0.020" thick carbon steel blade with 0.003" of set per side. The teeth have a rake angle of 14° and an included angle of 60°. The depth of cut is about 1 9/16". The Fine-Tooth saw retails for $69.00.

The Small Crosscut Saw is filed with alternating bevel angles that sever rather than tear wood fibres for clean cuts in cross-grain applications. This saw has a 9 1/4" long, 0.020" thick high-carbon steel blade with 16 tpi set 0.003" per side. The teeth have 15° rake and bevel angles and the depth of cut is about 1 9/16". The Small Crosscut Saw retails for $69.00.

For those who are interested, the saws can be purchased in two different sets. The set of three saws includes both dovetail saws and the crosscut saw (save $38 off the individual prices). For those who already own the 14 tpi dovetail, they offer the 16 tpi crosscut and the 20 tpi dovetail saws as a pair (save $19). For more information on these saws, please visit leevalley.com

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