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Milescraft Offset Router Base

The Milescraft Offset Router Base is a great addition to your router. Sometimes you are forced to do edge rout­ing away from the router table, which can lead to problems because balancing a router near the edge of a board can cause trouble. A common issue is the router tipping off the top, causing the router to dig into the edge and ruining your piece. The offset base prevents this from happening by shift­ing the router’s point of balance away from the edge.

The kit includes a universal router base that you put on your router. This base has a Turnlock feature that allows you to quickly take the router in and out of the offset base with­out the use of tools. The router base will also accept the Turnlock style bushing sets that are available from Milescraft.

I recently had a chance to use this setup to re-tool the edge of an existing cabinet. The offset base was easy to use and provided a solid platform that allowed me to rout the top without the worry of tipping the router and ruining the piece. This base will definitely have a permanent home in my workshop. The Offset Router Base is available at Lee Valley, Busy Bee, Elite Tools, Home Hardware, KMS Tools, Workshop Supply. To get more info on the Milescraft Offset Router Base or to see what other products they have to offer, please visit


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