Mitermate Pro: Portable Work Station

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Mitermate Pro: Portable Work Station

In the comfort of a workshop, a work bench can provide a solid surface on which to work. However, when working outdoors, a solid, stable working surface is not so readily available.

The Mitermatepro is designed to provide a solid, stable work platform for mitre saws on job sites, while making it easy to break down the workstation at the end of the day for transport back to the shop. It arrives fully assembled with the two outriggers securely locked into on-board holders under the top. Setting up the stand is simple: release the first set of legs from the spring locked storage; release the two outriggers from the secure storage and lower the second set of legs. Each of the 8 legs provides 12" of adjustment providing solid footing on uneven ground. Once the center section has been set up, extension tables up to 20' in length can be added to either side using standard 2 x 8 dimensional lumber. That will provide support for even the longest material.

The main surface provides ample room to mount a large compound sliding mitre saw. The deck, made of heavy gauge steel has pre-punched mounting holes for most saws; additional square cut-outs reduce the weight of the stand and sawdust buildup under the saw. Moving the stand with the saw attached is easy. The oversized pneumatic tires smooth out obstructions, including stairs, while protecting your saw from serious shock. Two rubber pads prevent the unit from sliding around in the back of a truck during normal driving, preventing accidental damage to your saw. This is a well-made, solid workstation designed and built to meet the requirements of the professional user. This stand would also be worth looking at by anyone requiring a portable, stable workstation for other uses. The addition of a shop-made top would covert this into a portable workbench.

With the saw removed, this stand serves as a portable glue up table for solid wood panels in our shop. Having used many different styles of portable stands over the last ten years, this one has set itself apart in terms of quality, versatility and user friendliness.

When ordered online, free shipping is included to most locations in Canada. The price may seem a little steep, but when you consider the cost of a contractor grade, sliding compound mitre saw, and the increased productivity and safety that this solidly built platform offers, it is more than reasonable. Should the need ever arise, replacement parts are available from the manufacturer. - CWM


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