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New Hand Tool: Bow Sander

Fred Martin wanted something to help him do the final shaping and sanding on his intarsia pieces, especially small pieces, as he would often get hand cramps when he hand sanded. After doing some research on the internet and in various woodworking magazines he didn’t see any sanding device on the market that satisfied his needs. Fred set out to invent a better tool.

First he identified three things he wanted from a good sanding tool: 1) to sand well; 2) to be comfortable and easy to use; and 3) to use an abrasive that is economical and easy to find. Fred preferred belts over strips or sheets because he could slide the belts around to give fresh abrasive without having to stop and change abrasive surfaces constantly.

Fred’s practical requirements led him to develop a bow sander that could use standard sanding belts (made for portable belt sanders) and which are available at any hardware store. Fred commonly uses belts on the bow sander which are from ¼”- ⅝” wide. The advantage? Fred gets up to 12 belts from one 3” sanding belt!

Fred Martin’s bow sanders are made from quality hardwoods and are available for both left- and right-handed woodworkers.

For more information contact:

Tel. 306-694-2118 

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