New Tools From Delta and Ridgid

New Tools


New Tools From Delta and Ridgid

To respond to the increasing demand of woodworkers for dust-free shops, Delta has just released their bench-top Down-Draft Table. This is a really neat unit that takes very little space on your bench-top when hooked up to your dust collection system. Use the AP075 as a sanding or routing table and watch the dust disappear. The textured top helps keep your work pieces steady while you are working on them. The AP075 has a 4" dust-port for compatibility with most dust collection systems.


Ridgid has redesigned some of their older model standard tools. One of those redesigns is the EB4424 Oscillating Spindle/Belt Sander bench-top tool. The EB4424 is really two tools in one. It offers the advantages of both an oscillating spindle sander and an oscillating edge-belt sander. It makes for a perfect combination.

The EB4424's ball bearing construction results in a quiet performance. It has a tool-less conversion from spindle to belt, and has a tilting table (0 to 48º, with detents at 15, 22.5, 30, and 45º. The base of the EB4424 is recessed, so you can sit it on a sawhorse.

An oscillating spindle sander removes material aggressively, stays cool as it runs, and is less likely to produce sander burn. The Ridgid EB4424 is a versatile woodworking tool that should be a standard tool for any workshop. It comes complete with 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1 1/2" and 2" sanding sleeves, a set of matching sanding drums, and a 4"x24" sanding belt. Drum washers and throat plates are also included in the package.

The EB4424 also features secure and convenient on-board storage for all of it's accessories. That means they are always there when you need them. Add to all of the above: soft-touch knobs, a dust collection hose adapter, a sawdust collection port, a three year full warranty, and a 90-day return policy. The Ridgid oscillating spindle and edge-belt sander offers excellent value.

GRAHAM McCULLOCH is a woodworker and writer living in Halifax, NS
Graham McCulloch


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