Oneida Ultimate Dust Deputy

Oneida Ultimate Dust Deputy

Oneida Offers Solutions for Dealing with Shop Dust

Most readers will be aware of the new generation of shop vacuums (aka “dust extractors”), like the Festool CT26E, specifically designed for use in woodworking shops. They typically offer HEPA filters for superior protection from the finest (and most dangerous) particulates, along with electronic variable suction control and tool-triggered activation. Many also offer greater power, delayed shut-off, automatic filter cleaning, and anti-static designs.
Their only downfall is that they fill up quickly. In busy shops, this means frequently replacing dust bags, regular cleaning, and shorter HEPA filter life span.

The Oneida Air Systems’ Dust Deputy cyclone separators solve this problem by diverting the larger dust particles into a separate container before they reach the HEPA filter. This considerably reduces clogging in the HEPA filter, dramatically prolonging its life.

Oneida’s Ultimate Dust Deputy can be used with the Festool line of dust extractors to provide superior dust management.
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