Oneway's Precision Balancing System

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Oneway's Precision Balancing System

You've got to admit it; Canadian companies make some of the most useful woodworking products. Oneway (the folks who make the world's best woodturning lathe) have just introduced a clever new accessory, the "Precision Balancing System".

When you first buy a grinder, you find out quickly that the accompanying grinding wheels are too coarse and hard for grinding your plane blades, hand chisels and turning tools. So, what to do? You buy replacement soft bond aluminum oxide wheels. They cut much better without a lot of heat build up. But there is a problem: they aren't balanced and therefore vibrate, particularly at high speeds. The reason for the vibration is that virtually all grinding wheels are only roughly balanced.

That is where the Oneway Precision Balancing System comes in. This accessory is easy to use, and once you balance your stones, they're balanced for life. You may be wondering "Is it really worth balancing my wheels?". If you're doing a lot of sharpening, having your grinding wheels balanced will help your grinder last longer (less stress and wear on bearing and bearing housings); it will reduce noise; and you'll get a better finish on your tools with less effort.

With a price tag of $69.95 you don't have to do a lot of sharpening to get your money's worth. The Precision Balancing System is suitable for wheels with 1" or 1 1/4" arbor holes and grinders with 1/2", 5/8" or 3/4" shafts. The system comes with everything that you need to balance two wheels.

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