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Peugeot Bevel-Edged Chisels

Photo by Ted Brown

I recently received a number of Peugeot bevel-edged chisels, which are avail­able with a chrome vanadium blade or a titanium alloy blade. In order to evalu­ate the tools, prepared them using a set of Japanese water stones. After removing a varnish coating, flattened the blade backs using a 1000 grit stone, followed by a 4000 grit water stone. The backs of the tools were easily flattened with just a couple of minutes’ work. I applied a micro-bevel to the 25° cutting edges using the 4000 grit water stone.

The titanium version felt harder during the preparation and took about 50 per­cent more time to achieve a keen edge. Both of the tools cut well, producing a fine shaving from end grain pine. The chisels come with a choice of either a wooden or composite handle. I preferred the feel of the wooden-handled tools when struck with my Japanese chisel hammer; however, the aesthetic is com­pletely up to the buyer. These chisels will compete against the German 2-Cherries or Hirsch brands.

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