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Shop Tested: With five interchangeable tool heads, this tool takes the term “multi-tool” to a whole new level.


Ridgid JobMax

Photos courtesy of Rigid

When the new JobMax from Ridgid arrived at my shop I opened the boxes, checked the contents and had one of those “why didn’t I think of that?” moments. The JobMax is a 12V cordless motor that accepts different heads, depending on the task at hand. The available tool heads include a multi-tool, right-angle drill, right-angle impact driver, a ⅜" drive ratchet and a power hammer.

The multi-tool head allows you to do all of the jobs that these tools are known for, from undercutting doorsills to removing paint and sanding … and plenty in between. The JobMax comes with a sanding head and two blades, as well as an adapter collar that allows the tool to accept attachments from other manufacturers such as Bosch and Dremel. The right-angle drill and right-angle impact driver are just the ticket when it comes to jobs in tight spaces, such as installing drawer slides inside a cabinet or drilling for wires between studs. The tool has ample power to turn even large boring bits and the impact driver will sink 4" screws without a problem.

The ratchet attachment makes quick work of nut-and-bolt-oriented tasks. I used mine to assemble some bolt-together shelving for the shop before using it to repair my lawn mower. While it doesn’t have the torque of its air-powered cousin, it’s extremely handy to have close by, especially in situations where there just isn’t room to swing a traditional ratchet’s handle.

The power hammer is a very neat tool. It uses a hardened steel head to drive nails with just a pull of the trigger.

I’ve used the hammer to attach electrical boxes between studs and to drive the joist hanger nails for a new deck; both are situations where swinging a hammer is difficult at best. All in all a great attachment, but it could use a stronger magnet to hold nails in place.

Overall, I am very impressed with this little tool, and it has definitely earned a place in my DIY arsenal. Now I just have to tell the folks at Ridgid that they won’t be getting it back! 

Ryan Shervill

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