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Ryobi 13” Thickness Planer

Ryobi has hit the front pages again as they continue to prove that they are in the professional tool business. Home Depot just received the new Ryobi 13” Thickness Planer and it has features that are very impressive. The model AP1300 has 11 ½” chromed infeed/outfeed tables, and a Rapid-Set knife-changing system that makes knife changing a breeze. The knives are doubleedged and they can be moved laterally to extend their life. Moving one knife slightly left or right will nicely compensate for a knick.
The AP1300 has an eight-stop re-plane set gauge for positive thickness control.
For example, if you set the gauge at ¾”, you can be assured that the boards coming out are precisely that.
The head raising/lowering handle controls all four posts and a slick lever to lock the cutter head to help prevent “snipe”. The planning depth gauge tells you the exact depth setting for that board so that you will not run the board through and take off too much or too little. The 15-amp motor is a hungry beast that handles oak and maple like it was pine.
Ryobi includes a dust hood that will accept both 4” and 2 ¼” dust collection hoses, a neat hinged compartment on top of the machine for tools and accessories and a cloth pocket under the out-feed table to keep the owners manual and the power cord.
Speaking of power cords, Ryobi supplies their corded tools with a 10’ cord and have been for sometime now. The other manufacturers still use the old 8’ measure. Ryobi gets another ***** star home run with this under $450 winner.

Graham McCulloch
GRAHAM McCULLOCH is a woodworker and writer living in Halifax, NS

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