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Ryobi and Freud Products

Cordless Drill from Ryobi (shown above)
The new HP 1442 MK2 cordless drill from Ryobi is one heck of a deal. I think that it’s one of the best buys on the market today for the home woodworker.
We put our testing sample through its paces and were very impressed. It definitely kept up with the big boys. The HP 1442 MK2 is a 14.4 volt kit that comes with a carrying case, two batteries, two screwdriver bits and a diagnostic one-hour charger. The drill itself has a keyless chuck, two speed ranges, one for drilling and one for screw driving. The trigger varies the rpm’s in each range. Add to this a 24 position torque dial to fully control countersinking.
Really Nice Features
The HP 1442 MK2 has some added features that any do-it-yourselfer will appreciate. The drill has a padded pistol grip for comfort and allows the drill to free-stand. A built-in horizontal level and a bull’s eye level for vertical drilling accuracy. The horizontal level is removable to check those small jobs and that is a nice convenience. One additional convenience is the magnetic plate at the foot of the drill. It will hold a half dozen screws so that there is no more pocket digging or jabbed fingertips.
Ryobi has a real hit on its hands with this one. The HP 1442 MK2’s price is less than you would pay for some rechargeable batteries alone, $125 at Home Depot. At this price even the professionals should consider this **** cordless.
Freud is one of the foremost producers of carbide tipped router bits and one very important factor that puts them into this enviable position is the fact that they produce their own carbide compound. The precise mixture of elements is dependent on specific uses.

Freud is also foremost in designing new and innovative router bits that will do work better and faster. A case in point is the new Freud panel raising bit.
What could possibly be new with a panel raising bit you ask? Let me tell you! First, the profile of the Freud 99-566 is 3 1/2”, considerably larger than most others. Secondly, the 99-566 does architecturally correct raised panels. Let me explain.
Most raised panel doors have a flat interior and can be unattractive. Architectural designers prefer to have a smaller, similar detail on the inside of the door as well. This is costly in that it takes several additional steps to perform along with addition router bits. The new Freud 99-566 router bit combines the front and rear raised panel profile in a single pass. The end result is an expensive looking high quality cabinet door, one that you can be really proud of.
Glass Doors
Speaking of doors, that cabinet that you plan to make with the raised panel doors may have glass upper doors and Freud has some help here as well.
Again, Freud is looking at the quality and appearance of the interior of the glass paneled door. Normally you would rout a dado on the rear of the door frame in which to sit the glass and then use a 1/4 round or rectangular bead to hold the glass in place and mechanical fasteners to hold the beading. In many cases the chosen beading will not match the frame in either colour or grain.
The Freud 99-281 glazed frame router bit set will provide you with an ogee shaped stile and rail and in addition, will give you a matching bead all in one pass. Simply running the moulding through a 1/8” kerf saw blade on your table saw releases the bead for mitering and installation behind the glass. A great advantage in both appearance and timesaving.
Tongues & Grooves
Normally a tongue and groove router bit set gives you only one choice, a 1/4” groove width. They also restrict you to a 3/4” stock thickness.

The new Freud 99-036 Adjustable Tongue & Groove Set offers a lot more choices. The set allows you to use any stock thickness from 1/2” to 1 1/4” and can adjust to give you 7/32” to 3/8” groove widths. This versatility allows you to make a choice of what stock thickness you use.
The versatility is simplicity itself. A set of shims in various thicknesses are the answers, simply remove the bolt, follow the enclosed chart and reassemble. It’s that easy.
Surgically Sharp
All of the above Freud router bit sets are true to the Freud reputation. They are surgically sharp and they stay that way for a long time. Needless to say, sharpness means no tear-out and that is an important feature. We gave these innovative and work saving bits our highest marks, *****’s.

★………………below average quality
★★……………average quality
★★★…………very good quality/value
★★★★……….excellent quality/value
★★★★★…….top of the line

GRAHAM McCULLOCH is a woodworker and writer living
Graham McCulloch

in Halifax, NS. (902) 479-0221

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